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        Because girls don’t just wanna have fun runs

        Running taught me that I was capable of more than I realised. In a culture where the most prominent sports people are men, and with a well-documented gender disparity in UK sports participation, an industry that too often patronises women and relegates our sporting needs is letting us all down. ...

        The F-Word music blog: March 2019

        Hello and welcome to March’s F-Word music blog post! In which I have ploughed through all those female focused emails I was sent on International Women's Day, and resisted the temptation to send a reply headed "Why aren't you bigging up these performers the rest of the year?"...

        The violence in silence

        Zoe Louise Tongue reviews The Anatomy of Silence, a collection of essays on experiences of rape and sexual violence, which explores the silence that still exists around rape culture even in the era of #MeToo ...